Forks of Salmon – June 8, 2024

Humboldt Randonneurs is pleased to offer three options for the Forks of Salmon, select from a 200km300km or 400km option!* The 200K and 400K both start and finish in Etna and travel south to Calahan, then climb over the Pacific Crest trail and descent the remote and very low traffic mountain road of all the way down the south fork of the Salmon river all the way to its confluence with the Klamath River. Riders will refuel at the Salmon River Outpost before returning up the Salmon River and up the North Fork of the Salmon River where they will be challenged with an increasing pitch gaining to a sustained 10% for the last mile on the climb back up to the Pacific Crest!

The 200K official finish is at the crest, so no need to race dangerously back down to Etna if you’re short on time! Refueling options abound in Etna, and for those continuing on the 400K, riders will continue across the bucolic Scotts Vally farmland and gentle descent of the Scotts River for an opportune recovery after an initial 14,000 ft 200K!

The route continues up the meandering Klamath River, then heads over to Yreka where late night services are available for the likely weary rider before the last climb back over to Scotts Valley and the return back to Etna.

For the 200K and 400K riders, Humboldt Randonneurs will reserve a block of rooms at the Etna Motel (they only have 10 rooms, and that’s the only hotel in Etna!) Riders seeking rooms will need to contact the hotel at (530) 467-5338 and inform the reception you are with Humboldt Randonneurs. Unreserved rooms will be released May 18th.

The 300K will start and finish in Yreka. There are many options for food and lodging in Yreka.

* Note: riders must register and ride the event they register for before the event i.e. it is not permitted to register for the 400 then abandon at 200km and get credit for the 200, sorry.

Contact the RBA at for more info