Humboldt Randonneurs




April 18, 07:00 - Feildbrook 100/Kneeland Towers 200 (RUSA)

May 9, 07:00 - Humboldt Bay 200K (RUSA)

June 20, 05:00 - Unknown Coast 300K (RUSA)

Late Aug. /early Sept. (TBD) - Etna Trinities brevet weekend (RUSA)

Sept 24 - Nor-Cal Coastal View 600K (ACP, in conjunction with Nor-Cal Brevet week)

HUMBOLDT RANDONNEURS 2020 Spring Brevet Series REGISTRATION PAGE: Humboldt Randonneurs Registration Page


Contact: Humboldt Randonneurs


Note that at this time RUSA requires membership to participate in any RUSA sanctioned organized brevet. Participation in above listed RUSA & ACP events require club mambership and a waiver of liability to cover insurance and administrative expense. Please visit the RUSA website for rules for riders and consider joining! (at this time, there is no day-of option to join. Please do so in advance) : additional events to be added


Humboldt Randonneurs is affiliated with the Nor-Cal Randonneur clubs: San Francisco Randonneurs, Davis Bike Club, Santa Rosa Randonneurs, Fresno Randonneus, San Luis Obispo Randonneurs and Santa Cruz Randonneurs - we are organized under authority of Randonneurs USA in association with Audax Club Parisien and act in accordance with their rules and guidelines.

Contact: Eric Larsen (RBA) to visit the Gamblers click HERE or to see pics 0f his 2002 M Roadster visit here ;)